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Ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey is the best technique for providing accurate information on the depth and stratigraphy of features. 

In radar surveys electromagnetic energy is directed into the surface which is affected by variations in the electrical properties of the subsurface causing differing reflections. The subsurface is mapped by recording the amplitude of this reflected energy and its travel time.  

We use a GSSI SIR 3000 system with appropriate antenna.

Appropriate application of radar survey:

Archaeological Evaluations to locate and identify:

      • Ditches and pits
      • Walls, foundations, roads and rubble spreads
      • Stone coffins, cists and graves

Environmental Assessments to locate and determine:

      • Depth of peat i.e. mapping of palaeo-landscape
      • Buried storage tanks and utilities

Civil Engineering to locate and determine:

      • Depth to bedrock
      • Location of voids
      • Rebar mapping, buried foundations, storage tanks and utilities






GSSI Sir 3000 Radar



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