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Area Resistance Survey

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Resistance Survey Interpretation


Area resistance survey can provide detailed plans of building foundations and other stone structures, along with ditches and pits.   At its best it can provide “building plans”, but can also be an effective application on those type of monuments where magnetic enhancement is limited or unlikely to have occurred (e.g. burials and barrows).

This technique passes a small electrical current through the ground and measures the resulting resistance.  This technique is ideal for locating walls, foundations and paths but can also detect ditches, pits and drains.  Whilst slower than gradiometry this technique has recently seen a growing resurgence in its application, possibly as it is largely unaffected by geology and for its ability  to discern such ephemeral features as flower beds, paths and graves.

We use a Geoscan  RM15 with muliplexer, which is two sets of “sensors” put together to cover an area faster.

Appropriate application of resistance survey:

Archaeological Evaluations to locate and identify:

      • Ditches and pits
      • Walls, foundations and rubble spreads
      • Made surfaces
      • Metalled roads & trackways 
      • Stone coffins, cists and graves
      • Drains and gulleys

Environmental Assessments and Civil Engineering to locate and determine:

      • Foundations


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